KB Home has a series called KB Home Portraits and there was an image of a smiling, happy family with "Real Families, Real Homes, Real Lives". I feel that this is insulting to all of the homeowners having issues. I think that the company is basically giving us and all of the other homeowners having issues the middle finger as if we are not real and we don't exist!

In my opinion KB Home offered homeowners in this series incentives or probably haven't lived in their KB Homes long enough to discover issues. I think for the company to put out something like this while I continue to hear about so many people having unresolved issues such as structural issues and about families living with mold in their homes is disgraceful.

Real Families Real Nightmares in Real KB Homes 

In my opinion KB Home plays games and has tried to leave us and other homeowners stuck and screwed any way possible using deceptive tactics. In my opinion this company will say anything, claim anything and blame anything to get out of taking responsibility for issues whenever possible.

KB Home Lawsuit Against Homeowners


There was a website against KB Home called thekbhome.com and the company sued the homeowner behind the website in federal court. This website against KB Home has since been taken down but not forgotten.

I completely agree with what Andy Smith said in this news interview      "It's about time somebody serves KB some punishment, they deserve it."

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